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This guide aims to show you how to correctly add content to the Missguided Blog. It will show you how to embed iframes (for Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud), add an image or multiple images to each post and how to create shoppable products at the end of your content.

Writing text

To write text for a post you just need to make sure that the visual tab is active.

Adding an image

Once an image has been added to the media library we can then easily add them to any of our posts or pages.

Select an image that you want to add to the page and make sure that it is full size. This is essential otherwise there will be problems with imageresolution and images looking blurry.

Now click insert into post and it should look something like this. I have highlighted the code has been inserted into the post to give you an idea of the structure and syntax.

To add more images just follow the same process. Remember that the media will be inserted at the position you left your cursor in the text editor.

Embedding Youtube videos

Embedding Youtube videos is super easy. Just go to the Youtube video you want to use, click on share, embed and copy all of the highlighted code

Go back into your WordPress editor paste the code where you want your Youtube video to appear on the page.

Spotify playlists

Find the Spotify playlist you would like to embed and click on the ellipsis.

From the open menu select share

Click the closing tags button and the code you need will be copied to your clipboard

Now you can paste the code into your WordPress editor


To embed Soundcloud content firstly click on the share button

A window should pop up like below. At this point you need to click on embed and copy the code generated in the input

Now you can go back into your WordPress editor and paste the code into your post.

Shoppable products

To add your shoppable products at the end of the page click on the post you want to edit

Now scroll down below your text editor and youll see a related product group widget. Fill in the title of the product.

To add an image to your shoppable products you want to click on ‘Add or Upload File’. A window should open showing all of your media files. Select your product image from the gallery and click use this file.

Fill in the rest of the inputs, its pretty self explanatory at this point. To add more shoppable products click ‘Add Another Product’, another form will pop up and you can follow the same process of filling in the relevant content.

To finalise all of your changes dont forget to update the post!